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Body piercing Cronulla

Our body-piercing studio in Cronulla delivers a professional, comfortable and hygienic service to all our clients. Performed in store by our experienced artist Abby Jean, you can be assured of only the highest quality piercings at all times. At Cronulla Ink, our studio is fully equipped with all the latest sterile equipment, ensuring you a safe and seamless piercing experience. Before we get started, we’ll do a thorough consultation to make sure we understand exactly where you want your piercing or multiple piercings done. Abbey Jean is friendly and approachable so if you have any questions about anything, she’ll be here to alleviate any of your concerns. Every piercing service is performed with the utmost care and precision using state of the art techniques.


 Body piercing shops in Cronulla

 Cronulla Ink is a leading tattoo shop in the Cronulla area specialising in a range of body art, body piercing services and jewellery sales. Our fully trained body piercing experts will perform the piercing in a completely safe environment with minimal discomfort. Some of the areas we specialise in include: nose, ears, lips, cheeks, tongue, eyebrows and nipple piercings. Please keep in mind that any type of piercing is considered an open wound, with different variations of local trauma involved. Depending on which part of the body is pierced, it will take some time for the body to heal from this completely. Abbey Jean will discuss this in more detail during your procedure; as well as guide you through the different bar sizes and rings on offer.

Unfortunately, we do not do piercings for those under the age of 16 years unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Some do’s and dont’s once your piercing is in:

  • Do wash lightly twice a day with saline solution
  • Do avoid using ointments or creams for the first week
  • Don’t pull at the new piercing or play with it
  • Don't tamper with the wound, this may cause the open wound to attract bacteria and germs from your hands.

 Book your body piercing at Cronulla Ink with Abbey Jean today. She can be contacted on (02) 9544 0344 or alternatively drop us an email at the studio and we’ll get back to you asap.