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Is it safe to get a tattoo in Thailand?

“Is this safe?”, a backpacker asked. “You’ll be fine, nothing to worry about”, the tattooist replied. And there really was nothing to worry about. The tattoo artist in Ko Tai was always careful with...

Why have tattoos been frowned upon in the West?

Is getting a tattoo a sign of deviance and criminality? A way of conveying information? Or a creative form of self-expression? That probably depends on what period of history you were born into. The...

Cheap tattoo? Seriously not worth it!

Some things you can get away with buying on the cheap; a burger and chips rather than the degustation menu, faux leather boots over the real deal. But tattoos? No sir. Do not go cheap when it comes to...

Tribal tattoos and the true meaning behind them

When I got my first tattoo (a small whale on my inner elbow), there were two questions about it that I got a lot. How much did it hurt? Why did you get that? Like, what do whales mean to...

Traditional Polynesian Tattoos: A Brief History

Polynesian tattoos, also known as tatau in Samoa and tatu in Tahiti, are renowned in the modern world for their distinctive patterns and motifs. These unique body art tattoos have a rich cultural...

What to consider before getting a tattoo

To tattoo or not to tattoo? That is the question. If you’re thinking of getting some body ink, you wouldn’t be alone – one in five Australians actually sport at least one piece of...

Your guide to keeping your new piercing clean

Making sure your new piercing stays clean may seem like a mundane activity (or an obvious one) but adopting a quick and easy routine can ensure you keep it looking new, fresh and free from...

How to identify a great tattoo studio

Body art and tattoos are as old as human self-expression – from Neolithic tribes to the guy ordering a beer at the bar, every culture on earth has used tattoos as decoration or a sign of...

How tattoo shading works

Tattoo shading is vital to achieving a standout design full of textural complexity and beauty. Tattooists spend years perfecting their shading techniques and those who've conquered their art are in...